Written by Suzanne Gellman, M.S., J.D. Are you concerned about your income dropping in this challenging environment?  Whether it is already happening or may be in the near future, now is the time to review your spending and resources and make changes.  If you continue spending at the same rate, with less income, you may


Estate Planning Without an “Estate” When the words “estate planning” come to mind, many people think of billionaires such as Bill Gates or Mitt Romney. These wealthy Americans certainly do have an estate and a very complex estate plan. However, anyone with a few dollars in the bank or a life insurance policy technically have


By: Suzanne Gellman, University of Missouri Extension Date: January 1, 2014 The New Year is a great time to take charge and re-evaluate finances.  Part of being Money Smart is looking at your financial priorities and setting or reviewing your financial goals.  If you are like most people, life changes and so some goals may


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