Perspectives from the Field – Strategies to Identify, Report and Address Financial Exploitation

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Setting up strong passwords and multi-factor authentication is stressful for most people who don't work in IT. Oasis Connections provides training to help older adults learn how
cybercriminals attempt to influence, obtain access and conduct identity theft and hacking of accounts and how they can protect themselves from their dirty work. Amy VanDeVelde,
Director of the Oasis Connections program will discuss how establishing on-line safeguards enable older adults to learn these valuable techniques.

Darryl Peter, Managing Director of Investments at Oppenheimer & Co., will discuss how financial advisors recognize financial exploitation, what internal reporting and security has
been instituted to capture this information, and how they work with their legal team and refer cases to law enforcement to stop exploiters.

Debbie Schuster, an Elder and Disability Law attorney and Certified Elder and Family Mediator, uses mediation to facilitate resolution within families who have experienced financial exploitation by family members. She will discuss how the creation of robust estate plan documents can include provisions to minimize the likelihood of exploitation.

  • Target Audience Older Adults
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  • Language English