Using Your Gifts To Expand Your Means

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We all know that it's a Money Smart Move to live below our means...but what do you do when you're already at the lowest of the low? You use your gifts, talents, experiences, expertise to INCREASE your means.

H Cortez Springer, author, "Monetize My Life" will be teaching how to turn your gifts, talents, experiences, and expertise into streams of income.

The internet has leveled the playing field and you no longer need permission from a publisher to write that book that's bubbling inside of you. Creating your own coaching or consulting business doesn't require anyone's permission but your own.

You'll learn how to assess your gifts, how to create products/services based on those gifts, how to brand & market them, and how to deliver them to your customers on autopilot so it won't interfere with your job.

We've all got something of value to offer the world according to H Cortez and he wants to show us all how to tap into it and allow our gifts to make room for us at the top.

RSVP to: 314-874-6887