Category: Budgeting & Saving


Many people don’t do or don’t know how to do a budget, in class we will do one together, so participants can see where their money goes every month. After this class, Financial Social Workers will offer one on one coaching to check the budget. Also, participants who wants to buy a house in the […]

Building Your Financial Future

Participants will learn ways to help build their financial future, i.e., saving, purchasing items and property they can afford, investing, insurance, and consolidating student loans.

Kids Money Skills for Teens

Topics: (1 hour) ·         Banking 101 ·         Budgeting (Needs vs Wants) ·         Games/Activities Option to open accounts on site (1 hour): ·         If the youth is under 16, parents will need to bring a valid government-issued ID and social security for the child to open an account. ·         If the youth is 16 and over, they need to have a […]

Using Credit Cards Wisely During the Holidays

Participants in this class will learn the different ways to use your credit cards and strategies for maximizing your credit building goals while staying within a budget. You will learn these in time to implement during the busy holiday season in order to prevent common mistakes made with impulse shopping.