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Category: Credit & Debit

Using Credit Cards Wisely

Participants in this class will learn the different ways to use your credit cards and strategies for maximizing your credit building goals while staying within a budget. Learn to prevent common mistakes made with impulse shopping.

Credit & Money Management Workshop – Credit and Lending

Join us to learn about establishing or increasing your credit score, to prepare you for homeownership and how to leverage your credit. Led by HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach Reginald Garth, this workshop will also cover your rights as a consumer, and how to make the most of them. Register today at – https://bit.ly/3sVSAlA   Flyer: CMMW […]

Understanding Credit

Learn reasons why having good credit is important, what’s in your credit report, how to get your credit report for free, and dispute incorrect information. Participants will also learn strategies to establish or rebuild credit and learn how to freeze their credit if needed. There is time at the end of the class for participants […]

Gestión de Deuda

This class will teach participants about debt management. Esta clase enseñará participantes sobre la gestión de deuda.