Category: Credit & Debit

Credit Report & Scores

Join Midwest Bank Centre for the 5th part of their 8 part series! Learn how to read your credit report and how to improve your credit score!

Using Credit Cards Wisely

Participants in this class will learn the different ways to use your credit cards and strategies for maximizing your credit building goals while staying within a budget. Learn to prevent common mistakes made with impulse shopping.

Financial Family Feud and Credit Fair

Urban League, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Prosperity Connection, and Central Bank Contacts-Urban League Jermaine Johnson, NCBW-Marquetta Mansion, Prosperity Connection- Heather Schindewolf

Personal and Business Credit

Presented by STL Builds Credit Small Business Empowerment Center. Learn how having great personal credit affects business credit and how to balance the two to help build your business. Gain an overview of what lenders look for when you apply for new credit. Adults. Registration Required.