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Category: Personal Finance 101

Building Your Financial Future

Participants will learn ways to help build their financial future, i.e., saving, purchasing items and property they can afford, investing, insurance, and consolidating student loans.

Kids Money Skills for Teens

Topics: (1 hour) ·         Banking 101 ·         Budgeting (Needs vs Wants) ·         Games/Activities Option to open accounts on site (1 hour): ·         If the youth is under 16, parents will need to bring a valid government-issued ID and social security for the child to open an account. ·         If the youth is 16 and over, they need to have a […]

Understanding Financial Statements

Presented by SCORE Chapter 21-St. Louis Bi-State Region at the Bridgeton Trails Branch of the St. Louis County Library Small businesses and new business owners are aware that financial statements exist, but there is generally a mystique surrounding these statements.  Participants will learn the basics of financial statements and the importance of them to their […]

Hands-on Banking

“Hands-on Banking” is a course that will teach you about the beginning process of how to save your money, banking, credit and debt cards usage.


This financial education class will go over the different types of insurance along with their importance.