Category: Predatory Lending

Credit Score & Predatory Financial Services

Learn about your credit report and what your score means as well as predatory financial services. You will learn how they take advantage of you and cost you more. A virtual option is available when you pre-register.

27th Ward Housing Committee Housing Conference

This FREE housing conference will discuss the complete house buying process! Here are the featured presenters: Ericca Willis – Broker, Evergreen Resimercial Realty, LLC James Gillespie – Lender, The Home Loan Expert Roderick Nash – Commercial Lender, RockGate Financial Services Leslie Trice – Title Co., Legacy Title & Escrow Company Christopher Hosie – Inspector, Allen […]

Predatory Lending

This class will discuss the actual cost of payday lending and the effects it has on the consumer, and discuss the predatory lending laws. The class will focus on the different types of predatory lenders and how they actually work. Lastly, it will provide the participants with alternatives to predatory lending and companies. This class […]