Category: Personal Finance 101

Goal Setting

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about techniques for setting long-term and short-term financial goals.

Building Your Financial Future

Participants will learn ways to help build their financial future, i.e., saving, purchasing items and property they can afford, investing, insurance, and consolidating student loans.

Kids Money Skills for Teens

Topics: (1 hour) ·         Banking 101 ·         Budgeting (Needs vs Wants) ·         Games/Activities Option to open accounts on site (1 hour): ·         If the youth is under 16, parents will need to bring a valid government-issued ID and social security for the child to open an account. ·         If the youth is 16 and over, they need to have a […]

Hands-on Banking

“Hands-on Banking” is a course that will teach you about the beginning process of how to save your money, banking, credit and debt cards usage.

Focus on Your Future: Credit & Money Management Bilingual Workshop

Achieving your financial goals is possible! Join us to learn about establishing or increasing your credit score, creating a budget, how to read a credit report and what can be done to correct errors that may negatively affect your credit rating. Led by HOPE Financial Wellbeing Coach Veronica Robles, the workshop will also cover your […]

Managing Your Money

Experience a family’s journey to become debt free and in control of their finances. Learn their practical money-management secrets, including how to pay off debts, how to track spending, live by a budget, increase net worth, manage investments, use electronic banking, and more.  Discover how to transform your financial future and make financial wellbeing a reality […]

What’s Your Financial Personality?

You see a smoker puffing away on a cigarette and think “Don’t they know smoking will kill them?” Then you see a person who is overweight and wonder whether they realize that eating less and exercising more would help them lose weight. Here’s a clue: they know. There are more factors involved, including psychological factors, […]

Banking for the Immigrant Community

Learn what documents you need to open a bank account if you are not a citizen.  Plan for your future by saving money on check cashing fees and building a banking relationship for future investments like purchasing a car or home.  Entire class will be taught in Spanish.