Category: Saving & Investing

Smart Saving

Most people wish they saved more but struggle to make it happen.  In this session, discover practical strategies for becoming a better saver so your money can work for you.  Explore why it’s important to save, how to set saving goals, effective strategies to save, tips for increasing your saving, where to save, and saving […]

Best Money Saving Apps of the Year

Find out and discuss some of the best money-saving apps of the year, virtually! Learn how to save money and time searching for great prices on your favorite items.

Credit & Money Management: Budgeting, Establishing Credit, and Savings

Join Financial Wellbeing Coach, Reginald Garth as he shares with you the basic fundamentals of becoming a homebuyer. Learn tips and strategies on how to budget, establish credit, developing savings habits and the importance of having emergency funds. This Credit & Money Management Series is presented in 3 parts and is of no-cost to participants. […]