Spring Cleaning


By Thomas Nitzche, CFEd, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Date: March 20, 2014

Winter doesn’t want to leave, but many of you may be ready to start your spring cleaning.  While images of mops, broomsticks, and vacuums traditionally come to mind, cleaning up your credit is an important part of maintaining your household. Start off your spring credit cleaning by getting a copy of your credit report through a reputable site that offers free credit reports like

Your credit report is an extremely important factor in becoming financially secure. There are many reasons why every consumer should pull their credit report yearly. The main reason is that you need to know exactly what is being recorded on your credit report by your creditors, and you need to make sure that information is reported correctly.

Credit reports can affect your ability to get a job, purchase a new car or home, and can also influence how much interest you will pay on your credit cards and other debts.

Many companies now pull credit reports for job applicants.  They may require your score to be above a certain number or that you are current on all of your debt obligations. You need to make sure your credit report is positive when applying for new career opportunities.

Potential lenders for new car or home loans will pull your credit report. It is part of their due diligence, and in most cases is required. All lenders have specific guidelines for who will and will not qualify for a loan. The cost of the loan will also be determined by your credit report and credit score.

When applying for new credit cards, the prospective creditor will pull your credit report. The credit line you receive and the interest rate you will pay is determined by your credit report and credit score. In most cases, lenders/creditors also take into consideration your income and assets.

Often, inaccuracies are reported to the credit bureaus and these can have significant effects on your credit rating. It is essential that you review your reports from the three major credit bureaus at least once per year to maintain good credit. You don’t want an error to be holding down your credit score and negatively affecting the way you are viewed by creditors.

Once you have your credit report in hand, the true cleaning can begin. First, review everything to be sure there aren’t any accounts you were unaware of. Then check to see if there are any negative factors being reported that you believe may be inaccurate. Should you find any information that you believe is incorrect, make sure to file a dispute in the dispute area of your credit report (disputes are generally resolved within 30-45 days).  Next, take a look over the accounts you have and make a plan to improve your score through taking care of old debts, making timely consistent payments, catching up on any past due amounts, reducing balances owed, and maintaining lower balances on your accounts over time.

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