Tax Plan for the Tax Man

You’ve still got time before taxes are due on April 18, 2023, but why not complete your taxes early? If you’re surprised by a tax bill, don’t fret; set up payment options that suit your needs. If you’re getting a refund, completing your taxes early will ensure you receive your refund much sooner.

If you are receiving a refund it’s important that you manage the funds appropriately. What better way than to get things organized early? Here are a few options to get you started:

  • Save for an emergency – The unexpected could happen to any of us and we need to be prepared for it. This could include a job loss, vehicle repair, or an illness. Without an emergency fund, you could end borrowing money from friends, family or even taking out a personal loan. Before you receive your refund, it’s a good idea to shop around for a high interest savings account or CD’s with minimal or no fees. Reputable online banks offer savings account that are not linked with your everyday checking account and not as easily accessible as brick and mortar banks. It’s recommended by financial experts to save for at least 3-6 months of living expenses. To avoid being intimidated by the recommended time frame, start by saving for 30 days of living expenses then 60, then 90 and so on.
  • Figure out why you’re saving, so that you know you’re working towards a goal. Your goal can be either short or long term. Short term goals could include emergency fund, vacation, or down payments for a car or home. Long term goals could include retirement, child’s education, or a remodeling project. Picking the appropriate tools for your goals is essential because they’re so many products out there in the market today. If you know that your savings consist of short term goals then you may need to consider obtaining a Savings or Money Market account. For long term goals you may want to look into an IRA, Investment Products, Stocks, Mutual Funds, or 529 Plan.
  • Paying off debt could be another option for you. Paying off those credit cards with the high interest rates could save you a ton of money. On average Americans created $1,000 more debt due to holiday spending, so pay it off as soon as you’re able to. Also, if you’ve shopped online lately, certain online retailers will automatically save your credit card information. Clear the cookies from your computer to remove your information from those sites. This could help you cut down on buying items that you don’t need because now you need to go searching for your credit card to make the purchase. Instead of paying off your car at one time, deposit the funds into an account and setup auto payments to pay the remaining car payments. This way you will continue to maintain or build good credit along the way. 

Once you file your taxes and you notice that you owe, pay whatever you can on the bill. The convenient and easiest way to pay your tax bill is to setup an Installment Agreement. Also, talk to a Tax Accountant for more information.