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    October is Credit Awareness Month!

    During the month of October Coalition volunteers present free classes and events to help people learn about the importance of credit: how to build credit, understanding credit reports and scores, disputing errors and managing debt. Free credit reports and credit counseling sessions will also be offered. In addition, The Creative Arts Contest offers youth in 6-8th grade a chance to compete for scholarships and prizes by creating an original music video with original lyrics on a credit-related theme selected by the Creative Arts Contest planning committee.

    Credit Awareness Month

    Promoting opportunities for

    Building Wealth & Economic Prosperity

    We work to advance financial health and wellness throughout the St. Louis Region by organizing finance education campaigns, promoting free classes, and providing information and access trusted resources.

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Financial education + Financial access =

Financial Empowerment

Working to help families in the region have healthy financial behaviors and 
build assets for a stable future.

I want to learn more about…

Opening a Bank Account

Whether you want to start the process online or in person, chances are, with a dozen different Bank On products offered in and around the bi-state St. Louis and Illinois area, chances are there is a Bank On option in or near your neighborhood.

Credit smart

I want to learn more about…

Building my Credit

Find resources for FREE credit scores and credit reports. Learn how to tell a credit repair scam from a reputable credit counselor.

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Getting out of Debt

Find resources to learn more about credit cards, mortgages, and other loans. Learn the basics of dealing with debt and debt collection.

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Buying a Home

Find the best resources for first time home buyer. Learn about mortgage basics, avoiding foreclosure and buying HUD certified homes.

    Put Yourself First

    Return to Banking Class Leads to Financial Stability

    “The class helped me out by knowing how to put myself first and making my money stretch further. Right now I pay my rent and my phone bill first, then I spend what I want and save the rest.”
    -Tenisha W.
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    Loan officer helps first time homebuyer

    Homeownership adds stability to life

    “Buying my first home before having graduated college has not only propelled me to be well on my way to having an investment property, but it has added an invaluable level of stability to my life.”
    – Ms. Drew

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Our Community of Partners

The Coalition works collaboratively with a host of partners from the nonprofit, banking, regulatory, private and academic sectors who give generously of their time and money to support this work mission.