Credit Awareness Month

Is your credit score holding you back or costing you money?

Subprime Credit

30 % of people in the City of St. Louis have subprime credit.

Paying More For Bad Credit

If you have bad credit you may pay $200,000 more for things like insurance, cars, and housing over your lifetime.

Behind on Monthly Bills?

89 % of adults have a credit card and about half pay off their balance each month

Credit Awareness Month 2022 Was a Success!

Credit Awareness Month is a community outreach and education campaign designed to put a spotlight on the importance of credit and credit building as a key part of overall financial health.

Free classes, seminars and events promoting financial education and credit building take place during the month of October. Coalition partners and volunteers put in the work and dedication to host over 20 events for Credit Awareness Month this year! Topics for these events included money management, building credit, getting out of debt, buying a car, home buying, planning for retirement, starting a business, and more!

The Creative Arts Contest is also part of Credit Awareness Month. This is a creative opportunity to engage students in a way that gives voice to their opinions on financial and socially relevant matters in a very tangible way through an original music video contest for 6th to 8th graders. Click on the link below to learn more about the contest!

Get Help For Free

All classes and events are Free but may require registration. Please check the calendar links.

You can also check out all the Credit Building links on our Resources Page and find a list of local budget and credit counseling providers and credit coaches on our Local Providers Page.

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Creative Arts Contest

Winners will receive the following awards: First place $2,000; Second place $1,000; Third place $500. Additional prizes will be awarded to the other two (2) finalists.