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Mini Grants For Non-Profits

Apply for up to $500.00 during each grant period.

Help defray the costs of providing financial education and get technical support

Nonprofit, church or community groups might want to offer financial education courses for their members but may not know how to get started. In other situations they may not have the funding to offer these programs. In yet other situations there may be the desire to offer financial education but the organization may not have staff to teach the classes.

The Bank On Mini Grants program can help organizations that want to offer financial education by offering funding, technical assistance and if needed trained volunteer instructors to teach classes. The purpose of the program is to assist organizations in offering financial education classes to help promote the financial health and economic wellbeing of low-income families.

What’s included with the Mini Grant

Organizations can apply for grants of up to $500 per grant cycle (three times per year) to defray the costs associated with hosting in-person or online financial education classes ($100 per class). 

Grant funds can be used for participation incentives, refreshments, transportation, childcare, printing, marketing/outreach and/or technology supports for hosting online classes.

The Bank On Save Up St. Louis Mini Grant program is a project of the St. Louis Regional Financial Empowerment Coalition and is generously funded by area bank and credit union donors.

Mini-Grant Training Materials

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