Community Education Programs

Financial Empowerment Coalition volunteers work together throughout the year to offer FREE personal finance classes and events.


Bank-On Save-Up St. Louis

Bank On’s goal is to ensure that everyone has access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account.

The goal of Bank On Save Up St. Louis is to ensure that all residents have access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account.  Financial and nonprofit partners are committed to helping consumers identify and enroll in safe, low-cost transactional products. In addition, financial institution partners are encouraged to create low cost accounts to help individuals and families that may be new to banking or may have had issues managing an account in the past access affordable no-cost or low cost accounts so that they can save money and build assets.

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Money Smart Month

Promoting Financial Education

April is National Financial Literacy Month. In the St. Louis region we celebrate this as Money Smart Month. Since 2012 coalition partners and volunteers have worked collaboratively to conduct more than 65 free classes, seminars and events each April, promoting financial education topics such as: budgeting and saving, building credit, getting out of debt, home buying, planning for retirement, estate planning, insurance, paying for college, raising “money smart” kids and small business development.  The Money Smart Month planning committee also hosts an annual Money Smart Kids Essay Contest for youth in grades 6-8th  grade. The top three winners receive a scholarship for a Missouri Most 529 College Savings Account.

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Homeownership Month

Preparing For Homeownership

During the month of June, coalition volunteers from the nonprofit, banking and real estate industry share information about all aspects of the home buying process including preparing for homeownership, saving, building your credit, working with real estate agents, the mortgage process, accessing down-payment assistance programs and more.

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Credit Awareness Month

Understanding & Building Credit

During the month of October  Coalition volunteers present free classes and events to help people learn about the importance of credit: how to build credit, understanding credit reports and scores, disputing errors and managing debt. Free credit reports and credit counseling sessions will also be offered. In addition, The Creative Arts Contest offers youth in 6-8th grade a chance to compete for scholarships and prizes by creating an original music video with original lyrics on a credit-related theme selected by the Creative Arts Contest planning committee.

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Learn About Financial Empowerment Mini Grants.

Small grants are available to nonprofits, community organizations and faith-based groups to off-set the cost of providing financial education programs.