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The work of the Coalition is made possible through the support of our partners and donors.

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Helping people overcome obstacles to financial success.

Coalition members, called partners, represent banks and credit unions, community-based organizations, local government, business organizations and representatives from the FDIC and the Federal Reserve. The coalition also engages with churches, faith-based organizations, schools, libraries, and other community organizations and volunteers.

Through the Coalition financial institutions, non-profit and community organizations work together to promote financial education, affordable banking and asset building.

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In-kind Supporters

Community Action Agency of St. Louis County
City of St. Louis Treasurer’s Office of Financial Empowerment
People’s Community Action Agency
St. Charles City – County Library
St. Louis County Library
St. Louis Public Library
United Way of Greater St. Louis

Learn About Financial Empowerment Mini Grants.

Small grants are available to nonprofits, community organizations and faith-based groups to off-set the cost of providing financial education programs.