Creative Arts Contest

The 2022 Creative Arts Contest has come to a clost after an exciting contest! This year’s contest focused on the topic of generational wealth, which was incorporating into each participant’s contest submission. We received great submissions from our contestants, and the finalists were invited to participate in the contest’s live event!

The live event for the contest took place on Friday, October 28th. The event consisted of the selected finalists answering questions posed by the contest judges. The judges for the contest were City Treasurer Adam Layne, Harvey Lockhart, & Matt Wall. The event was MCed by Scooda and DJed by DJ Integrity!

The winners of the contest were selected at the end of the live event! 1st place went to Camiyah Johnson, 2nd place went to Camori Johnson, & 3rd place went to Carmen Farra! Camiyah was awarded $750, Camori was awarded $500, & Carmen was awarded $250. Each winner was also awarded $50 into a MO 529 development account as well!

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Contest Winners

1st Place – Alisha Yin
2nd Place – Lily Holcomb
3rd Place – Zackary Card


Contest Winners

1st Place – Manyaleh Sheriff
2nd Place – Utku Tutunoglu
3rd Place – Harmoni Nunley